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Salsa Dance and Bachata Dance Club

Salsa San Francisco | Bachata San Francisco

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Salsa Dance

Salsa dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area has never been hotter!  There's a great dance scene with tons of nightclubs, classes, and events, happening every week. For many years, Cafe Cocomo, was the San Francisco Bay Area's hottest dance club. We used to run many nights there, and back in 1999, we laid their dance floor, but when it closed, due to San Francisco's growth, we moved to Space 550. History of Salsa in San Francisco. 

Bachata Dance

Bachata dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area has really taken off!  From the early days of the legendary Hot Bachata Nights, at the Impala in San Francisco, the scene has grown and grown and is now absolutely growing on pace with salsa (and some might say surpassing it). 

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